Monday, November 18, 2013

Weight Training For Beginners

I've been really proud of myself for hitting the gym more lately, but I feel like I've hit a road block. I've experimented with different forms of cardio and finally found a routine I really like, but when it comes to anything outside of the cardio room I'm at a loss. 

For those of you that are curious I use the couch-to-5K app or do the elliptical and follow that with some ab exercises. Not very exciting. Needless to say I'm looking to spice things up and I also want to incorporate some weight training into my workouts.

Let me first tell you that I use the gym here on base and the weight room is normally filled with guys who look like they eat raw eggs for breakfast and have biceps bigger than my thighs. My thighs are not small.  It can be intimidating. I did some research to find a weight training program for beginners that would at least give me a sense of what I would be doing so I can walk confidently into the weight room today after work.

I think a lot of women are unsure of how to incorporate weight training into their routine and/or are afraid that it will cause them to bulk up. That being said I wanted to share what I found here!

Do you incorporate weight training into your workout? What's a typical workout for you look like?
I'm really interested to see how everyone else works out!

Program A
Goal: Overall toning/fat loss

1. Step-ups x 12 reps each leg 
  2. Dumbbell lunges x 12 reps each leg  
Repeat superset 3 times through with minimal rest  
Rest 2-3 minutes
3. Seated machine shoulder press x 10 reps 
4. Dumbbell burpee with overhead press x 10 reps  
Repeat superset 3 times through with minimal rest
Rest 2-3 minutes
5. Cable woodchoppers x 12 per side
Adjust height from high, middle, to low for a total of 3 sets
Rest 2-3 minutes
6. BOSU ball planks on forearms, 30 sec
7. BOSU ball planks on hands, 30 sec  
8. BOSU ball side planks, 30 sec
Full-body stretch

Program B
1. TRX (or bodyweight) jump squats, max reps in 30 sec
2. TRX row, max reps in 30 sec 
Repeat superset three times through with minimal rest  
Rest 2-3 minutes
3. Kettlebell swings x 20 reps
4. Push-ups x 10 reps  
Repeat superset three times through with minimal rest  
*On the last set of kettlebell swings try 5 reps with two arms, into 10 reps (each arm) 
 Rest 2-3 minutes
5. Single leg bridge x 15 reps (each leg)
6. Mountain climbers, 60 sec  
Repeat superset two times through
Full-body stretch


  1. You should try the tabata class. There is one on Thursdays at 9:30 and I love that class. I went all summer, but my babysitter went back to school in August, so I quit going. They have another class on Tuesdays at the same time, but there are tons of kids because it's a mom and me class. But seriously, I saw results and I loved the class. I wish I could keep going, but I just don't have anyone to watch Liam. =[

  2. Weight training is something that I have recently been trying with the Husband. He has this neat app called FullFitness that has programs listed depending on what part of your body you want to work. We usually do the full body one and it really helps to get a routine going! You can also insert the amount of weight you lift so next time you can try and do a heavier weight. I love weight lifting!

  3. You should check out Jamie Eason's Live Fit program. I followed it for a while and am probably going to go back soon. It's on, but don't get the wrong idea, it's just an overall great program that walks you through each day in the gym!


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